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Report on Establishing ManufacturesReport on Establishing ManufacturesAlexander Hamilton was nominated to the position of Secretary of Treasury by George Washington on September 11, 1789 and Congress confirmed the appointment that same day. At this time, the nation's capital was in New York City. 

Here, Alexander began his financial programs to improve the nation's finances and economy. During his tenure as Secretary of Treasury, Hamilton detailed his programs to establish public credit, the mint, a national bank, and manufacturing in the United States. He also oversaw the nation's first taxation system and the establishment of the Revenue Cutters (Coast Guard). These wide-sweeping measures established a stable currency, a plan to routinely pay off debt accumulated from the Revolutionary War, revitalized credit, and more.

Hamilton's programs had another notable impact on the nation - a deal struck to pass Hamilton's plan for debt assumption led to the relocation of the nation's capital to Washington, D.C. The nation's capital temporarily moved to Philadelphia at the end of 1790, and here Alexander Hamilton continued his financial programs at the newly-built Treasury Department building. Through Hamilton's programs, the nation's first Mint and the first national bank were established in Philadelphia.

First Bank of the United States, with a peak at the Treasury Department to its leftFirst Bank of the United States, with a peak at the Treasury Department to its left

Alexander Hamilton was also very influential within the other departments during his time in George Washington's cabinet, leading the Department of War during the Whiskey Rebellion and the State Department with the Jay Treaty and Neutrality Proclamation. Hamilton remained in his position as Secretary of Treasury until 1795, when he returned to his law practice in New York City. 

Alexander Hamilton visited the All Places Hamilton™ sites listed below during the time that he served in George Washington's cabinet, 1789-1795.

'Washington's Cabinet' Sites

Paterson, New Jersey
Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures

Morristown-Jumel Mansion
Cabinet member dinner

Treasury Department, Philadelphia
The offices of the Treasury Secretary in the 1790s

First National Bank, Philadelphia
First Bank of the United States

Federal Hall, New York City
Inauguration of George Washington

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